Blog Rewind on the Calgary Housing Market

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Blog Rewind on the Calgary Housing Market

2023 is almost over! To celebrate the last few weeks of the year, we decided to continue with our annual tradition of writing an article summarizing every blog post from the year. This way you can get caught up on any missed content. Follow along below to discover what we wrote about the Calgary housing market over the past twelve months!

Winter and Spring Recap

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Jan – Buying Calgary Real Estate for Sale as a First-Time Buyer 

In this guide, I clarified some of your biggest questions surrounding buying a home as a first-time buyer. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Feb – Costs Associated with Buying a House in Calgary

If you are in the market for a house in Calgary, it’s important to know about the extra costs associated with buying a home. In this article, I went over what some of these extra costs are and how to plan for them. 

Mar – Calgary Real Estate Market on Track for a Strong Spring

Take a look back at March 2023 and see how the Calgary real estate market was doing during the early spring! 

Apr – Tips for Selling Your Home in Calgary During Spring!

In order to get the most out of the spring market, there are a few things that homeowners can do. In this blog post, I went over my top tips for selling your home during the spring!

May – Calgary Real Estate Agent Goes Over How to Make Your Moving Day Painless?

Moving to a new home is an exciting time. However, packing and unpacking can be incredibly stressful. If you’re planning to move in 2024, check out this post where I go over my top tips for a painless moving day!

Summer and Fall Calgary Housing Market Recap

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Jun – Address Change Checklist With Your Real Estate Agent in Calgary!

If you’re planning on moving houses in the new year, I encourage you to read this post. Here, I go over a checklist of things to do when changing your address.

Jul – Calgary Real Estate Boom Causes Prices to Rise

Rewind the clock to July to see the start of the Calgary real estate boom! In this post, I covered everything you needed to know about the market conditions in July 2023.

Aug – Do Commute Times Affect Homes for Sale Calgary?

Commute times are an important part of a buyer’s consideration when choosing a home. In this article, I wrote about the effect that commute times have on Calgarian real estate decisions.

Sept – What to do With the Equity in my Calgary House for Sale?

To help you understand the power of equity in your home, I showcased one way that homeowners can utilize their home equity. Check out this post if you haven’t already!

Oct – Why Are People Moving to Real Estate in Calgary, Alberta?

Thinking about moving to Calgary in the new year? In this article, I took a deeper look into why people prefer Alberta real estate over other provinces. 

Nov – What are the Best Neighborhoods in Calgary?

If you’re thinking about investing in a property in Calgary, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Namely, what area to buy within. To help you get started on your search, I created a list of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary!

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I’d like to extend a warm thanks to everyone who took the time to read my blog in 2023! For more information about buying or selling in the Calgary housing market, contact me today. I’d be happy to help you achieve your 2024 real estate goals. Don’t forget to visit my social media for the latest updates and more. Be sure to check back with me next month for more real estate-related information. Happy holidays everyone!