Calgary Real Estate News: New Rezoning Proposals

Calgary Real Estate News

Calgary Real Estate News: New Rezoning Proposals

Recently, the Calgary government has been talking about rezoning nearly all residential areas in the city. Consequently, this has posed several questions and concerns for Calgarians. By approving blanket rezoning, the city could create a divide between its residents. To get a better understanding of what this rezoning proposal could mean if pushed forward, it is important to review the changes in question. In this article, I will be going over the pros and cons of Calgary’s residential rezoning plan. Continue reading below to learn more!

All About Calgary Residential Rezoning 

The Calgary council is currently considering a proposal that would re-designate almost all residential areas to allow for high-density housing. This would include the likes of duplexes, townhouses, and rowhouses under the R-CG designation. Rezoning residential areas under the R-CG land-use district would make it much easier for developers to build higher-density houses. Given the population increases in Calgary, having more housing units to accommodate new residents is much needed. Moreover, it would provide more affordable housing for those who need it. 

However, despite the benefit that this would bring to the city, there remain several concerned homeowners. One of the biggest fears that this rezoning brings is the impact on property values. Current homeowners of single-family properties in Calgary are worried that an influx of high-density housing will put a damper on their property values. Despite these worries, many experts have noted that there likely wouldn’t be much impact on existing real estate with smaller-density projects. 

In fact, having more rowhouses and duplexes in residential areas could boost existing property values. This could happen as a result of more businesses and amenities being developed in the area thanks to greater population density. 

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