Tips for selling real estate in Calgary this winter

Tips for selling real estate in Calgary this winter

With the cold Calgary winter almost here, you may be wondering if you’re still able to sell real estate in Calgary. Some people think it’s impossible but this is not true. There are some things you can do to help sell your home this winter.

real estate in calgarySnow shoveling
When people are looking to buying a home in Calgary, their first impression of the exterior is critical. If they show up to your home and it’s covered in snow, they will not be very impressed. So make sure you shovel and salt all the walkways and the driveway of your home.

Turn on the lights
Along with the cold temperature and snow, winter also gets dark very early. Because of this it’s important to turn on all exterior lights, and turn on the interior lights so when people are viewing your home they can see everything easily, and there are no dark spaces.

real estate in calgaryKeep it warm
When people are viewing real estate in Calgary in the winter they can start to get cold if out all day viewing homes. So when they arrive at your home make sure it is nice and warm and cozy. The warmer they feel the longer they will spend in your home. If they are cold and uncomfortable they’ll want to get back into the warmth of their car.

Mood setting
Despite the cold and dark days, winter is also a very beautiful time of the year. This gives you an advantage as you can decorate and set the mood for the time of year, giving the viewer an idea of what it would be like to live there in the winter.

Turn on your fireplace, lights some candles, and put out some coffee, wine, and snacks.
These are just a few tips when preparing your home for sale this winter. For more information contact Miranda Moser, your expert Calgary real estate agent.