Tips to selling real estate in Calgary this winter

Tips to selling real estate in Calgary this winter

Winter is now here in Calgary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell Calgary homes for sale. Many sellers choose not to sell their home during the winter but there are a few advantages to selling during the winter.

Buyers who are looking to buy this time of year are generally doing so because they’re committed to it, and not just browsing like many people do during the spring and summer.

There are also less homes on the market during the winter months, which makes your property stand out a lot more.

Now that you know those crucial points to selling in the winter, here are some to tips to prepare Chaparral homes for sale this winter:

real estate in calgary,calgary homes for sale,best realtors in calgaryKeep the lights on
Daylight doesn’t last long in the winter and it can often be cloudy and dark during those hours, so it is important to keep your home bright for visit and open houses. Make sure every room in the house is well lit for those potential buyers. People looking at Sundance homes for sale won’t stay long if they can’t see the interior or the home clearly.

A Warm Atmosphere
Winters in Calgary can be quite cold, so you’ll want to stage your home to make it feel warm and comfortable. When buyers are looking at real estate in Calgary, they will enjoy getting out of the cold and into your warm home, so make sure you are prepared and have the home or condo heated before and during the viewing. This way they will enjoy themselves more and take their time.

chaparral homes for sale,sundance homes for sale,best realtors in calgarCurb Appeal
The snow falls a lot during winter in Calgary, so you’ll want to make sure your home isn’t covered in snow when potential buyers show up. Make sure your driveway and walkway to the front door are shoveled, and salted. You definitely do not want buyers slipping on ice and injuring themselves walking up to your home. Puddles and mud can also accumulate at the front door on the inside and out, so make sure that is all cleaned up.

Don’t list too high
During the winter months buyers are not expecting to pay a lot for Calgary homes for sale, so you will want to make sure you list your home at fair market value. Get a home evaluation before you list so you know exactly what to list for. We can help you with that here.

Those are just some of the things you need to do when preparing Calgary homes for sale this winter. For more information contact one of the best realtors in Calgary today!